Hope or Parallel Worlds

At the time of creating this series, I thought of the concept of parallel worlds as hope in a hopeless situation. Science, however, actually supports the idea of a multiverse with an infinite number of universes that are exactly the same as ours, and an infinite number of universes that differ from ours to a varying degree-  from just one particle's position to a complete dissimilarity.

If we had the opportunity to look at or perceive a number of these universes, the ones with the fewest differences would look deceptively identical at a first glance; we might not even notice at first if somehow we stepped from one of these realities into another. Upon closer inspection though, some differences may start revealing themselves to us. They might be subtle or obvious, visible or only perceptible, insignificant or incredibly important. And if there are infinite worlds with an infinite number of differences between them, maybe in just one of these universes the things that are broken beyond repair in our „regular” reality, can still be fixed; and maybe  the things that hurt us the most never actually happened. Maybe the loved ones we have lost in this world are still with us somewhere in one of the alternative universes.